6.9.14. – Uncle Vinny


Happy birthday to my not so little brother! We’ve come a long way from me almost getting you bit by a snake in the backyard on Beth page Dr.! Jax couldn’t ask for a better uncle! #HappyBirthday #UncleVinny #OldMan #SnakeAttack #SitOnThatRockItWillBeFine #Tattoo #DudeWakeUpThisGuyKnowsWhatOurTattooMeans

Jackson, as you grow to know Uncle Vinny you will begin to understand just how much he marches to the beat of his own drum. And that’s a good thing. I know you will be able to call on him when you need advice, like I’ve always been able to. He’s someone you’ll always want on your side and would always be the first person I called on for help. I hope one day you will be lucky enough to know what being a brother means. But for now, one small piece of advice, when Uncle Vin tells you he’s “going to pay you back”… Get it in writing!”

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