6.8.14. – Hurdle Champ


As a new dad, part of the excitement is sharing your passion for sports with your child. I can not wait to play catch with my son for the first time, shoot hoops or toss around a football. But for me there is just something about being able to say my son saw me hurdle that I have been really excited about. The BHS Alumni Track Meet allowed for just that this past weekend. Although there’s no way I can compete with the 18 year old me going over the hurdles, I still cleared them all and fought off all challengers to defend my throne! A Gold medal- 1st place finish with my son watching was an incredible feeling. I’m glad you were able to be there with me Jax.

Now if I might just share an aside here… Sportsmanship is supremely important to all athletes, but not at the expense of doing your thing out there! I think there must be some aura that still shines brightly around me, because I felt the fans cheering and the reporters’ cameras clicking as I coasted over those 10 barriers. As I crossed the finish line I felt as if it were 1998 again. Then I just upped and left… Said my goodbyes, gathered up the kid and wife and walked off victoriously into the sunset. Now that’s a Power Move if I’ve ever seen one. Show up, Dominate, then disappear mysteriously and let the people remember you as a legend.

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