… and he laid there, as quiet as a mouse still clutching the note as if it was the most important piece of paper a pencil had ever touched.

Earlier, he looked through book after book, he emptied two different shelves, but nothing could quite quench his thirst for poetry as the note that was slid under his door a few minutes prior. He tore through his favorites, cover after cover… title after title… Pete the Cat after Pete the Cat. The right text just wasn’t there.

Like JK Rowling with Harry Potter, or the Wyld Stallyns with the song that saved eternity, some people just have the gift. Tonight, after locking his brother out of his room, Oliver learned Jax is up there with the greatest authors of all time.

The note was slipped under his door in haste in hopes that it would convince Oliver to open up. But that note, three simple words turned into more than just a message. Like Michael Jordan before him… Jax crafted a note with so few words, yet it said so much.

As Oliver drifted off into a deep sleep he still clutched the note. Three words that his brother wrote him, the three words that he will treasure forever… or at the very least haunt his dreams:



Those three words may have formed the most impactful short sentence since Michael Jordan’s “I’m Back.”

Greatness Comes to Those Who Wait

Many moons ago I said to myself that having kids would be cool. I could have a son and make him my own mini me. I could create a little person and train him to do my bidding.  

Many moons ago I said to myself that getting married would be cool.  I could find a girl who likes cool stuff like I do and we would live happily ever after. 

Many moons ago I said I would buy a beautiful house and be the KING OF THE CASTLE.  I said to myself I’m going to take a wife, buy a house and then I’m going to make little people and rule them.  

But that was many moons ago… Before I understood reality and how the world works.  Things aren’t black and white like I saw them all those moons ago.  

There’s no ruling this house.  There is no king of the castle.  The only time I get to sit on a throne around here is also coincidentally the only time I get  to myself anymore, and that is when I’m in the bathroom.  I literally go in there and hide. I’ve successfully read an entire Sports Illustrated cover to cover in there before.  Things don’t run as smoothly as you pictured all those years ago. Parent life is tough as hell. 

After all that being said… Tonight changed things.  Somehow, tonight seemed different.  I feel like I, like we, have turned a corner.  Things clicked. We ran like a well oiled machine… Like when a basketball team runs the weave in practice to perfection for the first time.  

It was a thing of beauty:

  • I walk in the door and I’m immediately changed and on the new weight bench sculpting the biceps (the body of a Roman God doesn’t come easily anymore).
  • Mom bursts in and hands off the little one in between sets and quickly changes and gets ready for the gym… Another quick handoff allows me to finish my work out with enough calf raises to make my legs look a little less like a 12 year old girls.
  • The switch from work out to play time while preparing dinner is effortless and smooth.   The path to the finish line seems clear and we are even able to fit in a tricycle ride and a few pushes on the swing.
  • With dinner served, a bath run and a baby asleep with not one tear… it was like time was moving in slow motion.  There was nothing we could do wrong… I felt like Jordan In the ’92 NBA Finals.  All I could do was shrug…

Even Michael couldn’t believe it

When you’re so hot all you can do is shrug your shoulders… That’s when you know you’ve made it.  Sometimes the greats can’t even understand greatness… That was us tonight… When everything comes together at once… When you’re finally the king of your castle… That’s Greatness!


This blog entry has been featured on as a Brilliant Blog Post.

This blog entry has been featured on as a Brilliant Blog Post.