I’ll Never be POP Cool

So today is the day… Mark it down on the calendar, tie a note onto the back of a plane to fly the message over the east coast beaches… Just don’t say “I told you so,” because for a while there (17 and a half months to be exact) I thought i had this figured out. You know… How to be the little guy’s favorite.  For months I played with him, taught him to high five, taught him to throw a ball, bought him fresh kicks and played superman until I thought I was going to turn into an alien from Krypton.  

But none of that matters when your name isn’t spelled P.O.P. I guess the original Carmine is always going to know exactly what to do to make Jax smile or laugh. He always did that for me… He taught me to throw a ball, shoot hoops (although he retired after beating me the one and only time he beat me in Around the World). He bought me baseball cards and Philly cheese steaks from Artie’s Deli.  

I guess I’ll have to settle for second fiddle (third actually because I think this kid is gonna be a momma’s boy). I’d still think I’m a pretty cool dad… then again I’ll never be tickle your face with a fake plant cool.  

Am i at least matching sneaker cool?

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