Oliver Peter

It’s been a while since I was writing regularly… with work, a wife and two boys the limited time I get it’s usually spent attempting to sleep. But on the rare occasion I get to actually sit down and write a little bit, I always wind up reminiscing on where the time has gone.

I feel like it was only yesterday that Oliver was still crawling and eating baby food. Now he’s talking and climbing the stairs on his own. Both boys are growing up so fast. I love how independent Oliver is becoming, although it is also a cause of frustration when he demands to put his own socks on since it takes him three full moon cycles to even get on over his toes (and then he just pulls them off and throws them anyway).

I love watching him grow, but I hate realizing that he’s also getting to that age where he just doesn’t need my help for everything anymore. For now I’ll enjoy these moments, even if it does mean waiting sixteen years for him to put one sock on.

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