Neighbors in the Neighborhood

  • We’re extremely lucky. We’ve always had great neighbors and here is no different. Back in the day (like last year) we had the best neighbors anyone could ask for. The Talbot’s… between driving to Green Bay, delivering both our children, installing our entire new bathroom, and being Jax’ first girlfriend… we were in neighbor heaven. Across the street lives our best friends. Then we moved… and then they moved. It was a sad, but exciting time in all of our lives.
  • Luckily we wound up in a place with people just as cool living across the street. They don’t mind that our lawn looks like a desert wasteland, or that Buster and Max fill the peaceful neighborhood silence with barking at all hours of the day. Best of all, both of their children are so nice to Jax and Oliver… and even more importantly, we know they are there for us in a time of need! Even though he’s a Cowboys fan… at least his fridge is always stocked… 🙄
  • That’s why last week (and by now, four years into this blog, you know we’re not the most calm and relaxed parents) it was so reassuring to know that Jax was in good hands in a time of need. Thank you- thank you- thank you so much to our new neighbors for making sure Jax was ok after the little after school mix up! Honestly knowing that they were there made us feel relieved!!! Thank you so much neighbors! Jax showed up safe and sound!

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