The Two-Handed Holy Death Grip

So Ollie is eating some apples, bananas and pears, you know the usual beginning solids. He eats pretty well. Granted the majority winds up on his shirt or bib if we’re smart enough to remember to put one on. I feel like he’s kinda blasé when it comes to the those foods though. You know just down the throat and then into the diaper. It’s all just part of the process. 

That was until we introduced these teething wafers… (reminded me of taking communion). As soon as that Eucharist touched his lips it was instantaneous heaven (no pun intended). He literally grabbed this holy wafer with both hands and wouldn’t let go. It was like trying to get a bone away from a starving dog. Oliver showed the world that you won’t ever get your hands on his church crackers, no way- no how… not with his two handed- death grip clutching on for dear life… not unless you want to lose some fingers in the process. 

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