Ludacris Saves Bedtime

“Read it again daddy!!! Again. Now again… AGAIN… AGAIN…. A…G…A….I…..N!!!!!!” The words ring in my ears like an alarm clock on an early Monday morning.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I love more than reading a book or two, or twelve to my son before bed.  But honestly, after reading the same book 14,352 straight nights, it loses its appeal. 

Enter “LUUUUDDDAAAAAA”. The man who brought taught us many life lessons including about traffic on the highway, why there are so many different phone numbers in the US and even supported the British MI5… is here to brighten up bedtime stories.  Ludacris is a father of three and clearly is as much of fan of the late Anna Dewdney as I am.  The Llama Llama series has inspired countless children to read, sing and rhyme and now because of Ludicris it’s inspiring a whole new generation of readers.  But more importantly it’s inspiring countless parents to listen to the same story over and over and over again without wanting to poke their own eyes out!!  

Thank you Luda.


Area code 860


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