I Gotta Say, It Was a Good Day

In what can only be called a crazy turn of events long time educator and still relatively new school administrator Peter Fragola was charged with daddy daycare duty on the morning of Tuesday, September 19, 2017. With current and raining babysitting MVP Bammy on the disabled list and back up second string babysitter Pop-Pop also being unable to take part in Tuesday’s action due to injuries sustained being a grandfather Peter was called up from the minors

In what could be One of the most controversial, yet exciting September call ups in recent history. With the team trailing late last night and all options being considered, including possible retired Manny, up-and-coming babysitters, and even distant family members who’s travel expenses would far outweigh their salary. With nowhere to turn and limited options to choose from (limited meaning none) there was no other choice but to call on this energetic, yet inexperienced talent to care for Baby Ollie for the day.  

A call up of this magnitude is usually not made at such an important time. With an eight-month-old who refuses to drink from a bottle and has yet to nap more than 10 minutes at a time i’m sure having someone with the ability to feed the baby and get him to sleep would have been more preferable. But again with nowhere to turn the team as a trusted Peter with a daunting task.   

A Quick look up Peter’s stats show a relatively successful and injury free infant period for younger brother Jackson. However Jackson a relatively easy child could take down a bottle no matter who was holding it and to this day can fall sleep anywhere his head hits. And that was years ago… Coming in for a job like this is not like riding a bike that you can just pick up a where you left off. The subtle nuances of the midday shush, hold, cradle and rock, the extremely specific angle at which the bottle is held all need to be figured out and figured out quickly. Yes, he’s done nighttime and morning time duties, but a last minute daytime event like this calls for concentration and confidence.  

The time to study and ask questions had passed… but panic… nope… this guy stepped up to the plate with the confidence of a three time MVP. And you know what just like any future hall of famer the results spoke for themselves. There was nothing that could stop the performance of a life time. 

  1. Bottle for the kid who doesn’t drink from a bottle? ✅
  2. Nap for the kid who doesn’t nap? ✅
  3. Cook, clean and still have enough time to watch Harry Potter together? ✅

In the words of the ever quotable, especially when it comes to parenting, Ice Cube, “I gotta say, it was a good day.”


There’s no better feeling then seeing your son all smiles after creating your own homemade playpen:

A Harry Potter marathon and some lunch makes for a nice little afternoon: 

All dressed up and no where to go: 

… I guess you can say #SuperDad saved the day again… ​​

Ludacris Saves Bedtime

“Read it again daddy!!! Again. Now again… AGAIN… AGAIN…. A…G…A….I…..N!!!!!!” The words ring in my ears like an alarm clock on an early Monday morning.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I love more than reading a book or two, or twelve to my son before bed.  But honestly, after reading the same book 14,352 straight nights, it loses its appeal. 

Enter “LUUUUDDDAAAAAA”. The man who brought taught us many life lessons including about traffic on the highway, why there are so many different phone numbers in the US and even supported the British MI5… is here to brighten up bedtime stories.  Ludacris is a father of three and clearly is as much of fan of the late Anna Dewdney as I am.  The Llama Llama series has inspired countless children to read, sing and rhyme and now because of Ludicris it’s inspiring a whole new generation of readers.  But more importantly it’s inspiring countless parents to listen to the same story over and over and over again without wanting to poke their own eyes out!!  

Thank you Luda.


Area code 860


Every once and a while Twitter is good for something other than fantasy football news. Last night the term #BabyRappers was trending.

Anyone who knows me knows I love anything rap and hip hop related (especially old school). If you haven’t already check out my HipHop Advice for Jax: https://newdadchronicles.wordpress.com/2014/10/06/advice-for-jax-taken-from-90s-hip-hop/.

Here is a list of some of my #BabyRapper names and some of the best from Twitter:

Salt and Pampers
Smelly Prince of Bel Air
DJ Droolie Jeff
Womb Tang Clan
Three to Six Month Mafia 2MonthOldPac
Kid N Playpen
LL Cool Jax
Notorious J.A.X.

… And here are some of the best from others on Twitter:
@Maggiemayehaha: Rob Bassinet
@Adam_Cozens: KRS-Onsie
@THE_BOONDOCKS: B.O.B the builder
@alikigreeky: Busta Nursery Rhymes
@dantelfer: 50 Centimeters Dilated
@willnoonan: Similacklemore
@tylermorrison1: Birthing Method Man
@keatingthomas: Kid Cuddly
@MELnc: Potty By Nature
@andytwood: Kendrick Lamaze
@tylermorrison1: 2 Live Croup
@kelly_carlin: Chuck D Cheese
@MrTommyCampbell: NWA – Newborns With Attitude
And my personal favorite:
@adamrank: Pediatrician Dre