New/Old Experiences

Rereading your favorite book is extremely rewarding. I believe that the experience of rereading the books that I’ve loved the most have taught me a lot about how I used to think about the world and allowed me to reflect on just how much I’ve changed over time

I’m beginning to wonder if this blog will afford me the same opportunity because there will definitely be very similar experiences and posts throughout raising my sons. Some situations I’ll experience just with Oliver and many, I’m sure, I’ll experience with Oliver while reexamining the same experience over time with Jackson. 

I’m sure thing blog will make sense more to those who have two-plus children… and especially to those who have consistently read my blog. I’m sure some things I’ll say or do will be similar to things you’ve read in the past… but how I experience them… with a new son, and with my first son… now will be vastly different from the first time… and I look forward to each new experience just as I did the first.  

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