A Good Night Note

Jax, you’ll never know how I snuck into your room while you were sleeping. Unless you’re as good at faking you’re asleep as I am in the morning when the dogs wake up and I pretend I’m still passed out because I don’t want to get up to feed them and let them out. It’s one of those things as a person you will never quite understand until you have your own child. My nights used to be filled with a couple of movies or catching up with some DVRd episodes of Survivor Man. 

Now my nights consist of cleaning up around the house, running an eighth load of laundry, putting away 14 different Frozen and Peppa Pig stuffed animals and lastly watching you toss and turn and listen to you talk to yourself on the monitor. 

 I wish you knew how much of my time and thoughts you take up. I wish you know how some nights I lean over your crib and think about all the amazing things you’re going to do as you grow up. I hope one day you know how I would lean over and kiss you on your forehead and tell you how proud I am of you.  

I know this is one of those super corny, sentimental parent rants, but no matter what you think when you read this one day you won’t understand how much a father can love their son until you have your own. 

I love you little man! Sleep well. Do good sleepies!! 

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