The Green on the 4th Hole

This art thing is becoming quite the little hobby for Jackson “Pablo Picasso” Carmine.  Honestly he is really beginning to enjoy himself as he paints.  I really enjoined watching him look at the canvas and make conscious decisions about where he wanted to put the brush “next.”  We are also getting to a point where he is getting more paint on himself then he does on the actual canvas.

This painting… one of my favorites so far was a gift for Pop (The Original Carmine) on his 90th birthday.  After opening it up, turning it over and asking, “What the hell is it?”  He said it looked like the green of his favorite hole at his golf course.

So without further adieu… I present The Green on the 4th Hole:



Check out Jackson’s other works of art below:

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Mini Monet IV


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