The Library

The library is supposed to be a quiet peaceful spot where you can sit and enjoy a museum full of well written words and beautiful illustrations. That was until the day I walked in to a children’s section at my public library. It was like walking into a circus. Fishtanks, sensory walls, Legos, a puppet theater and apparently a “soon to arrive” PokemonGo station.   

I won’t lie… Jackson had an amazing time; he played with every activity in front of him. He even sat and shared Legos with another little boy (albeit until the other little boy snatched a Lego out of his hand). But for me it was watching him sit with a book that made me smile.  Watching a child, let alone your own child, interact with text is for me the most amazing and magical experience. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that we’ve been struggling with Jackson’s speech and the fact that he still has not developed many words. Yes things are definitely getting better… But I still worry. So to see him sit and read yesterday brought me to tears. 

All in all, we a great time at the library. I’m especially grateful that the staff installed this floor mirror so Jax had something to lick. You know you’ve officially become a parent when you watch you child licking something on the ground and think to yourself, “ehhh he’s licked worse.”  

My favorite video of Jax reading:

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