Lawn Mowing at its Finest

So apparently my child is going to open his own landscaping business… i cant get him to change his own diaper or wipe his own butt… but put a lawn mower in his hands and he is all work!

That brings me to the point of this blog entry… when can I start making him do manual labor chores.  Is two years old too young to start cutting the grass?  I mean obviously I’m not going to put him on the riding mower and set him free… but he should be able to use a weed whacker by now right?  Pruning shears at least?  Can I at least get him to take the dogs out?

Being a dad is so tiring… not only do you have to raise a kid… but you still are required to do home maintenance and keep up with yard work… its a lot for a guy to do.  Isnt that the whole reason to have kids anyway?  To create an army of minions that you can force to do your bidding?  To have someone available at your beck and call?  Becuase at this point im not sure what I am getting out of this whole “having a child.”  Like where do I benifit… the tax write off really isnt that good… and I am still mowing my own lawn and weeding my own gardens!

Its just a little frustrating.  Come on Jax… earn your keep.


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