Baby Nightmare Bracket: Round 1 Results

Round 1 is in the books!


Here is a game by game breakdown and analysis of the first round games:

1 vs 16


No surprise here… No one at all wants to get pooped on. The fact that the dog kissing 16 seed got even one vote is an upset.

9 vs 8

pie-chart (1)

Our first semi-upset of the tournament.  Restless plane ride took to the sky to defeat the one time powerhouse of not being able to get the car seat our of the base.  The frustration and angst that occurs when you have to locate the directions to get your child and the seat out of the car is the worst feeling ever… that is until you see the looks people give you as your child is screaming bloody murder from seat 12A in coach.

5 vs 12

pie-chart (2)

I was surprised here… there is always a 12 seed over 5 seed upset in the tournament.  I was sure it would be here.  Using a baby thermometer is an awful thing to have to do.  You have a crying baby and you have to try to then hold them still enough to stick that thermometer… well you know.  Then you get the forehead or electronic ones that register your kid having a 72° temp.  But I guess if the kid had not been coughing like a seal in the first place you wouldn’t need to take their temp.

4 vs 13

pie-chart (3)

Coming in to the tournament I thought getting stuck in traffic with a screaming baby could be a real Cinderella team.  Add two of the most irritating and infuriating situations possible Traffic and a Screaming Child… and you have a recipe for blood boiling, pure ANGER!  Screaming at your kid had no chance in this one!

6 vs 11

pie-chart (4)

HUUGUUUGE UPSET in the lower half of the bracket.  The #11 seed Getting puked on walking out the door ousts your child falling out of the stroller.  Here is the first time we see where a team was possible given a bad seed… dropping your child at only a #6 seed?  We all heard the cries and screams about having a dropped child only being a 6 seed and having to face a tough puker team.  But again, you can never underestimate that feeling when you are already late for work and have to go back inside to change your shirt.

3 vs 14

pie-chart (5)

This was a no brainer… a snoozer of a game.  Finding a baby sitter in gereral is tought, but if you leave your kid in the car even for a second and you automatically feel like the worst parent to ever live.

7 vs 10

pie-chart (8)

The old 7 – 10 split… This was one of the First Round’s closest games. Forgetting the diaper bag at home is worse than leaving your phone somewhere. Try cleaning up baby poop with an old t-shirt you found in your trunk or some leaves you found on the side of the road! Teething is your baby’s way of telling you that you will never sleep again.  Teething gets the nod here in a close one

2 vs 15

pie-chart (7)

Not very many 15 seeds have had luck against the higher #2 seed… and not since Florida Gulf Coast, who not only made it out of the first round but made it all the way to the Sweet 16 in 2013 has there been such an upset as there was here.  Watching your dog devour a poop filled diaper absolutely crushed being home alone with your baby on the first night.  The thought of the taste of baby poop really must have weighed heavily in the hearts of all.



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