March Madness Baby Bracket: FULL TOURNEY RESULTS


  • For decades, fans have been entering in office pools and private tournament contests for bragging rights, big screen TVs, or even better… money!  The first two days of the tournament result in hundred’s of thousands of sick days at work. The filling out of a tournament bracket has been referred to as a “national pastime.” Filling out a tournament bracket with predictions is basically done by anyone and everyone who can write.  We all know people who have some crazy way of picking their teams… pick all the top seeds, flip a coin, have a child pick, use your pet to pick, pick the team with the colors you like… etc, etc, etc.Well, here at Chronicles of a New Dad we have created the Tournament of Worst Baby Related Moments:  Below are the brackets with the accompanying scores.WorstRound One (Smelly Sixteen) Highlights:

    Not much to get too excited about here… not many upsets… no real Cinderella teams moving on.  #1 Seed “Getting Pooped On” (everyone’s favorite #BabyFail) is a tournament giant.  There is not much worse than being sprayed by baby food crap!  A tournament seeding snub, “Teething” who many felt would be a much higher seed was ousted by underrated “Forgetting the Diaper Bag at Home”.  The game was close through much of the second half, but Forgetting the Diaper Bag was just too much down the stretch.  Forgetting the Diaper bag leaves everyone’s brackets in a shamble, especially the ones who thought the constant crying, fussing and high fevers of Teething would pull a quasi-upset here.

    Round Two (Eclat Eight) Highlights:

    Screaming Baby in Traffic continued its trampling of the field by ousting crowd favorite croup and its loud fans and Barking Seal mascot.  Tourney Cinderella Dog Eating Poo Diaper continued its march to the finals by pooping out the forgotten Diaper Bag.  In a huge upset the #1 Seed in the tourney was dismissed by the #9 Seed Restless Plane ride after a bumpy and fussy ride!

    Round Three (Farty Four) Highlights:

    How could you forget to pick or strap in the baby in the car seat?  A fall from that high could be catastrophic!

    Round Four (The Ultimate Baby Fail):

    You’re 30  minutes away, its been an incredibly long day, you need to get home, you need to BE home… and all you can see for miles are break lights.  There is nothing that can wear on the nerves more than traffic… unless your in traffic and the baby is in the back seat screaming.  Where can you pull over, what can you do, how do you make this stop… it doesn’t… it never stops… this is your hell… your head is splitting, your shoulders tense… nothing can stop this “game-ender”.  If you had a spoon you’d gouge your eyes out.   …and there you have it… the Tourney Winner… they Worst Moment in Baby Bracket History:

2015 National Champion:

Stuck in Traffic with a Screaming Baby




This blog entry has been featured on as a Brilliant Blog Post.

This blog entry has been featured on as a Brilliant Blog Post.

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