Lost Balloon

Crazy fun day today!  The little guy got to visit w his homeboy Carter (and Blakely too).  They had a ton of fun… Ate, drank, threw some food around, watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  You know the usj.  It was just like the olden days when their dads would hang out and get up to all kinds of mischief.  

  Capped the morning off w a little father son bonding time over a few slices.  

The nice people at Torrington Pizza hooked Jax up with balloon. Great times until we left and all hell broke loose.  Jax walked out with the balloon and it floated away. He flipped out. Are u serious? It’s a balloon we’ll get a new one.  I literally could not fathom the thought of going this bonkers over a damn balloon. 

Then again imagine if something like that happened to us… Something ss important as a ballon to a two year old. Something that important. Like if your cellphone just floated out of your pocket.  

Then imagine someone telling you to calm down its only a phone… Don’t worry we’ll get a new one!

Life over at that point.  

Don’t worry dude I’ll get you a new balloon!   


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