Mini Monet at it Again


 This kid is a genius… an absolute King Midas.  What ever he touches turns to gold.  People see his original painting he did this summer and they are requesting original paintings of their own… for their home, for their office… as a birthday present… they just cant get enough Jax Art… he’s what’s hot on the streets right now.

Mr. Pabon is a lucky guy… he’s technically the first person to get an OG Jax outside of the family.  minutes of work, hours of cleanup, three different outfit changes (including my own) and a river of tears went in to creating this masterpiece.  Happy birthday month old man!

Without further adieu… I present to you latest in the Jax Art collection:

Jax Art 10.26.15


Here is the blog about Jax’ first painting:


5 thoughts on “Mini Monet at it Again

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