Funny or Scary?

We here at Chronicles of a New Dad make fun of the parenting blunders and mishaps we make quite often, we share way to much information and talk about situations that are way too personal. This blog is not about how cute my kid is, or does it pretend in any way to be anything other than a REAL look into the thoughts of a father who might or might not be fit to actually be a father!

So today I came across a picture that made me stop and think. It made me ask myself… what am I doing as a parent that has a direct influence on my kid’s actions and habits… I had to wonder if I am creating a monster…


Ages ago I was convinced my son looked like an alien (when he was first born). Then as he grew and did some human stuff I was confident in saying my new baby was the most adorable creature that had ever blessed the earth (not named Emma Stone or Mila Kunis). I remember showing him off everywhere. 

I flooded Instagram and Facebook with his mug and continue to do so… from the bathtub to the car seat, cameras were snapping in in his face like he had TMZ following his every move. I also remember watching the reaction others had as we paraded him around grocery stores, restaurants and parks. I enjoyed seeing mere mortals look upon a god and seeing what kind of impact he had on the less attractive.  

But did we create an egocentric, selfie loving, conceited toddler?  Is that possible?  Is it funny or scary that he saw a picture of himself and was immediately lost in the gray/green eyes staring back at him?  Am I a bad parent for writing a blog about how my child finds his own face interesting?  

Nobody likes pretty people who complain about how hard it is to be pretty… So you know what Jax… you’re clearly going to have to learn to deal with this… It’s not easy… Not everyone understands it… It’s your cross to bare… Yours and yours alone.

PS: WTF is wrong with me?

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