Green Diapers 

I’m tired of changing seaweed filled diapers.  Apparently Jax has inherited mommy’s immune system, because he’s been sick for about four straight weeks.  Between croup, puking, diarrhea, stomach bugs, runny nose, and whatever other ailments have befallen this little dude this past month, I’m exhausted.    

I can barely take care of myself on a regular basis.  With mom on the DL things have gotten interesting around here.  Laundry is strewn all over the house… There’s undershirts on the lamps, there’s underwear behind the door in the bathroom, there’s 147 unmatched socks under the bed.  I can’t keep up with life when Stef is less than 100%.  

Good lord, please let this Emergency-C kick in for her soon!

Luckily this kid is cute even when he’s sick.

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