Work, Work, Work

Seems like all anyone has time for around here is work!

Seems like all anyone has time for around here is work!

Somewhere along the way i forgot about enjoying the little things that continue to happen everyday.  I spend so much time doing the things that HAVE TO BE DONE everyday (feeding, diapers, bath, etc) that I feel like sometimes I don’t get a chance to just “get to know” this little dude.  His personality is 100% starting to come through and become more evident in his interactions with people and the world around him.

It really is amazing to see how fast he has developed the skills and strategies to start to problem solve and figure out how to get what he wants and or needs.  Even just spending the time playing a game or talking him through a “task” (get the ball or something like that) is a look in to his inner workings and how his brain is beginning to figure out how things work.


The other day (while I was sitting in a meeting discussing instructional coaching, Mom and the little guy were at Romp and Roll Gym just having a grand old time.  I loved seeing the pictures of him navigating through the different obstacles that he encountered and hearing about his interactions with some of the other kids.

Every day is a new adventure with Jax… I wish I had more time to spend with him each day… but for now we are definitely maximizing the time we have together.

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