Gym Class Hero (The Parachute)

As a former elementary school gym class hero parachute day in gym class was literally the greatest day to be a budding star athlete. There was something special about those primary colored triangle shapes that put us first graders under some sort of enchanted spell. Maybe it was the rhythmic rippling of that giant nylon circle, maybe it was the way you got to have your very own handle to hold on to, making you feel like you played a vital role in making those parachute waves… either way… Finding out it wasParachute day was like waking up on Christmas Morning. 

Everyone had a favorite. Everyone had a specialized skill which directly impacted your placement on the parachute. 

  •  If you could ensure that your wrist flick would properly catapult those rubber balls into outer space then you had to make sure that you were not next to someone else who had the same ability so those who couldn’t would not cause a parachute fumble during “popcorn.”
  • If you were tall you had to be evenly placed around the parachute so when you completed the daring “mushroom cloud” it would have the stability to hold up high enough and long enough to get up and run across to the other side. 
  •  But it was “cat and mouse” that distinguished the first grade super athletes from the band members. Pick a color., shake the hell out of that ‘chute and catch that damn mouse. If you had true skills to avoid getting captured you could bask in eternal glory until lunch (when the kid with the chocolate snack pack took over the kingdom).  

The memories of those days will last a life time. The parachute. The #1 rated gym apparatus by kids across the nation.  

The Dad Bod

This whole dad thing has been quite the adventure.  Everything from being responsible for another human being to learning how to work a baby bjourn has been a new and exciting experience. I love being a dad… But this whole internet trending of the so called “DadBod” is getting rediculous.  

The DadBod… The Dad Bod…. The Dad… Bod.  Really?  Seriously?  This is a thing now?  I’ve been working out for years, played college sports and now the “in thing” is eating pizza and skipping the gym for happy hour?  I call BS! 

I just don’t get it.  I don’t think (the dad bod) is something women think is good looking. I don’t think it’s something guys think is good looking. I think it’s something that a bunch of lonely dudes who eat pizza and haven’t seen the inside of a gym since they they watched Rocky V (which by the way was a terrible freaking movie, almost a franchise ruiner).  

Incase you didn’t know- I’m a dad.  I don’t have time for the gym… I barely have time to brush my damn teeth or go to the bathroom, most days, I usually only have time to pick one of those two!  But I make time for the gym a few days a week.  I mean I’m no longer an Olympic hurdler… I no longer eat grilled chicken and steamed vegetables for every meal.  But I’m not a “DadBod” kinda guy.  


Sure we both enjoy a good nap, but that’s only after a decent workout.


The DadBod is so much more than a stomach. Girls say they want a guy who can have some fun and doesn’t need to live in the gym right?  But are they ready for what comes with the DadBod… The DadBod is not just a lifestyle it’s a state of mind a religion if you don’t mind me saying.  You know… Just a guy laying around on the couch all weekend eating chips and picking lint out of their belly button… Watching Netflix in his boxers and an old Nirvana t-shirt… That’s the DadBod.  

You’re telling me that’s what women want? Get outta here.  I’m happy somewhere in the middle of the DadBod and the Calvin Klein model in tighty-whities who stares and judges me from the side of a bus ad.  

Work, Work, Work

Seems like all anyone has time for around here is work!

Seems like all anyone has time for around here is work!

Somewhere along the way i forgot about enjoying the little things that continue to happen everyday.  I spend so much time doing the things that HAVE TO BE DONE everyday (feeding, diapers, bath, etc) that I feel like sometimes I don’t get a chance to just “get to know” this little dude.  His personality is 100% starting to come through and become more evident in his interactions with people and the world around him.

It really is amazing to see how fast he has developed the skills and strategies to start to problem solve and figure out how to get what he wants and or needs.  Even just spending the time playing a game or talking him through a “task” (get the ball or something like that) is a look in to his inner workings and how his brain is beginning to figure out how things work.


The other day (while I was sitting in a meeting discussing instructional coaching, Mom and the little guy were at Romp and Roll Gym just having a grand old time.  I loved seeing the pictures of him navigating through the different obstacles that he encountered and hearing about his interactions with some of the other kids.

Every day is a new adventure with Jax… I wish I had more time to spend with him each day… but for now we are definitely maximizing the time we have together.

Before and After

Back in the day when I was a youngin’ Fall used to be about 3 things: Football, Watching Sleepy Hallow in sweat pants and doing nothing. Now We have a kid and we are expected to do parenting stuff.

Parent stuff is different than non parent stuff. I didn’t want to look at leaves last fall and I definetely don’t want to look at them this fall.  Yes I love New England, yes leaves and colors are great to look at for like five seconds… Hiking, camping, leaf peeping… Definitely all family like activities.  Before I was lucky if I could down a cup of coffee and drag my butt to the gym.  Now… no more going to the gym to work on sculpting the perfect physique, definitely just leaf peepin’ now.


That’s not me. I’m not trying to sit still with a pair of binoculars and a .45 millimeter lens to take photos of nature.  I just want to lay down in my dark man cave in my pajamas.


Before Jax came along things were different… Not better just different. Weekends were for laziness. They consisted of anything but activities, anything but putting on jeans and having to take a shower.

Back in the day weekends consisted of being able to compose a novel on the toilet.  I read every article of Sports Illustrated (or at least the ones that didn’t have to do with hockey). Now I’m lucky if I get to finish what I started.


Weekends were for laziness, weekends were for cleaning out the DVR which was up to about 87% full… If I was able to mow the lawn that was a plus.  Now… Well… Now I do parent stuff. I go to fairs, I drive to grandma’s house and I go leaf peepin’. But then again, if that means I get to spend time with my little man… Get me some binoculars.


5.13.14 – Sleep Counts

Everything was set up perfectly for a good workout this afternoon… Mom takes a ride to Pops house to visit for dinner. Which leaves me time to get to the gym and get in a chest and tris workout.

I got as far as the parking lot. Passed out in the driver’a seat. Woke up, drove home, ate dinner.

Don’t judge