Time Flies

So I sorta had this moment tonight… Nothing crazy… Nothing earth shattering. Just a moment. Steph was out (she deserved a night out) and I was on baby duty. I watched him sleep on his monitor, relaxed and watched a movie and then headed up to bed.

I went through my night time routine. Brushed my teeth, brushed my hair 150 times, smiled in the mirror, flexed my tattooed bicep three times in the mirror, and told myself You’re Good Enough You’re Smart Enough, and Doggone it, People Like You.

Then I looked over and saw the above picture. The two week old, I’m going to pose like I’m a model picture. The steel blue eyes picture, the I still have tiny infant wrinkly skin picture. One of my favorite pictures.

I looked at it and realized how fast time goes. It goes too fast.

Love you little man.

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