6 (.5) Months

6.5 month check up

tumblr_nf40qcJQNq1talaxzo1_1280 tumblr_nf40qcJQNq1talaxzo2_1280 tumblr_nf40qcJQNq1talaxzo3_1280

Couple of shots and a few measurements later all seems well:

16 lbs 6 oz
27 3/4 inches
17 1/2 head circumstance
90th percentile for height
50th percentile for weight
90th percentile for his head

Yes… 90th percentile for that watermelon. I’ve come to the conclusion that a big head is better than a little head. There’s lots of important stuff that goes inside a head. Like brains and neurons and protons, and you need all those things to make your brainwaves work. So the bigger the head the more room for your brainwaves to bounce around so that they can figure stuff out. And figuring stuff out is the key to life.

I love you little man. I love that gigantic melon head and I love how amazing you’ve made mine and mommy’s lives the past six and a half months.


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