Sirius XM Kid’s Bop Radio: Review

As a long time SiriusXM subscriber I have listed to and enjoyed a wide variety of radio entertainment.  Part of being a good parent is being aware of what your child is exposed to.  This brings me to the reason for today’s blog entry…  My review of SiriusXM Kidz Bop Channel 77:

-Miley Cyrus songs are just as terrible with kids signing them; although, there is definitely more talent there than Miley.

-There is nothing lost in translation when “explicit or controversial” lyrics are changed and made “clean.”  IE: Macklemore states in his Thrift shop song that some item from the thrift shop smells as bad as RKelly’s sheets… in the clean version the item smells as bad as a pair of baseball cleats.  I mean anyone who has played baseball (or any sport that requires the use of cleats) especially in the rain, knows how putrid they smell the next morning.  I’d say that would be very comparable to the smell that would come from RKelly’s sheets.

-I know they clean up the lyrics and all… but it feels really awkward listening to anything by Rihanna when it is being sung by a teenager.

-There’s a Kidz Bop Concert coming up… Thank god Jax is only five months old and has no idea what Kidz Bop Radio is.

   Rating:   3 out of 5 Diapers




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