I had stuff to do and needed free hands… And they say when you become a parent you become very resourceful. Case in point, leave the baby in the car seat, put him on the counter so the dogs don’t eat him and use a kitchen towel to prop up the bottle. There you have it, baby eats and I get crap done.

It’s like one of those automatic feeders for your ferret or cat, but for a miniature human. Worst case scenario here Jax, mom reads this blog entry and bugs out, leaving my parenting privileges suspended with supervised visitation rights, best case scenario, she applies the same technique and I get bonus points for using the lighthouse towel to match the “nautical” ⚓️ theme in your nursery. Keep your fingers crossed.


Jax and I also got matching shirts today. I’m running on empty folks! But it’s so worth it!

Just as a heads up… I love this little dude!


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