5.2.14 – First Pack of Baseball Cards

Jax opens his first pack of baseball cards (Video)

Sidebar: (Que the Sarah McLachlan music)

We had 2 pastimes when I was a kid, MAN HUNT and baseball card-trading. Our issues of Beckett Baseball Card Monthly were our bibles. I considered myself a major player on the neighborhood underground card trading circuit. It was an art being able

To trade that Ken Phelps ‘87 topps error card for Mattingly’s ‘84 rookie. I remember holding in a laugh when I said, “I mean come on it’s the 80s and this Mattingly guy doesn’t even have a muatache.” (PS Mattingly was weird looking w/out his stache). If negotiations broke down, my go to move was to sweeten the pot by throwing in a few micro machines I had laying around. After the deal went through, my buddy wouldn’t know he’d been ripped off until his older brother told him. There’s no way to explain the amazing smell of a newly ripped pack of glossy Fleer Ultras. It’s sad what’s happened to the baseball card industry. It’s even sadder that my son won’t feel the same joy searching for that hot new rookie in a pack of Upper Deck cards.

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