You know how some people can lift heavy weights, some can count cards and some people can predict the future… well I can’t do any of those things.  But I do have the uncanny ability to take people, places and things and make  movie and TV references based on each situation.  

My best superpower is being able to match a person with their famous twin (doppelgänger). I’m almost always on point; I do strike out once and while… we all do… but as the great poet Wayne Gretzky once said, “You always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
This one, this particular comparison, is a slam dunk (yes I made a hockey and basketball reference not even one sentence apart).  But… this one was easy… Oliver… he is WallyKazam… and it’s not even debatable. 

PS: If Max and Norville aren’t identical twins seperated at birth then nothing in this world makes sense anymore: 

UPDATE:  Apparently Jackson is the long lost son of Nicolas Cage:      

Must be Good DNA

The “who does he look like” comment comes up more than you could ever imagine…

Which is weird if you think about it because why would you ask me who he looks like more. You’re looking at bus both in the face right now… Who do you think he looks like?

Regardless of that dumb question the fact remains people say the little guy looks like mommy’s twin. Yet others say he looks like me at times, certain looks and facial expressions. I’ve heard he looks like my dad, and I’ve heard he looks like the mailman (kidding).

I think certain people see certain things. Visiting the infamous Grandma Candy this weekend brought upon the comment, “he looks so much like this side of the family”. I’m not so sure though. Not yet at least… I truly don’t even see a lot of mommy in there either.

Now when it comes to who looks like who it’s not hard to see the resemblance between me and Grandpa Pete:


It’s just funny how family resemblance can be so uncanny between some people and others in family can look so completely different. It’s fun watching him grow and to see features that resemble family members as well.

Jax had a great time visiting Grandma Candy this weekend. I’m glad he’s getting to know three of his great grandparents!