Distance Learning Potty Training

Distance learning has its benefits and it’s downfalls. Being home everyday, while also being almost completely unavailable is the perfect definition of what I mean.

BENIFIT: Being able to help potty train your three year old.

DOWNFALL: Being able to help potty train your three year old.

We’ve had many trials and tribulations with the whole potty training thing with everyone in this house. Hell… the dogs are still strategically placing landmines all over the house. We’re a clean up crew around here.

But then there are days that make the landmines all with it…

Oliver walked calmly over to Mom and said he needed to go potty. It was a clear potty training win. People all over the house, from far and wide screamed, danced and bearing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Amazing right… Fast forward a few hours…

I was summoned by the screams of an almost six year old… “Dad, Oliver is POOPING!!!” The same child that hours earlier had calmly walked inside and properly asked to use the restroom to do his business, now smiled, half hidden behind the coffee table.

Potty training… The highs are so high, but let me tell you the lows are so low (and messy, as well).

Drop it Like it’s Hot

The last few years have been a wild ride. There’s been crying and laughing. There’s been tears and there’s been blood, there’s been puking and then there’s been more blood.

Of course we can’t forget the fact that there has been poop (both human and canine) in every square inch of our house. We’ve got one child who is Semi-appropriately using the bathroom. Yeah ok, so he may pee outside even when there is an indoor toilet within reach, but at least he understands a relatively appropriate way to relieve himself.

That brings us to this little dude. The lower sibling on the totem pole. He’s working hard to keep up with his brother. Don’t forget however, he’s only two years old. We’ve been intermittently trying potty training thing, but this kid is ready. He’s constantly yelling at us, “mom, dad… peeeeeeee- potty!!” We just haven’t gotten it all together.

That was until today…

No big deal… but this little dude, our littlest.. yea he just peed on the potty!

… Pooping however… is still a work in progress!!

No Training Potty Training 

talk about problem solving…

I am in awe of my son. He continues to navigate through this world with limited expressive vocabulary. However, he is creative and comes up with innovative ways of communicating his wants and needs (and complaints as well). He signs, points, and has some words to help let us know what he is trying to say. He is persistent and comes up with new ways when his old ways aren’t working.

Jackson reminds me a lot of myself. Not necessarily the person with the most book smarts in the room and maybe not even the one who takes the most common path to the finish line, but what i have noticed is that no matter what route he takes he gets where he needs to be in the end. What I want him to be able to to on his own is figure out the ways around hurdles (no pun intended), I want him to be able to figure out how to look at a problem from someone else’s perspective along with his own. This is what 21st Century thinking is all about. It is not about who has the “best answer” or who comes up with the answer the quickest… It is about taking all the possible answers on the table and putting them together to come up with an ever better answer.  

That brings me to today’s BLOG topic… How impressed I am with my son… how his problem solving skills are so advanced for his age. My son… a few months past two years old… and he’s literally smarter than most adults… not because he ranks high on some early childhood developmental rating scale… but because his problem solving skills are off the chart!

Case in point… The kid is barely two years old and decided it was time to potty train himself. I literally mean potty train “HIMSELF.” Yesterday he rips his diaper off and leans over his potty…today he decides after finding that his little potty is missing, he’s no longer in need of a training potty and goes full-out on the regular toilet… 

You have got to love this kid’s effort and determination…