Old People Music

We’ve learned so much about each other in this family during the Coronavirus Lockdown. We’ve all spent more time together the last two months then ever before. That can be a blessing and a curse. Generally, it’s been more of a blessing. That was until Steph and I were ;for the first time) made you feel old by our children.

As we ended our work day, we decided to take the kids to the beach so they could play in the sand. We packed up everything we needed and made our way across town. Nothing says beach ready like Kidz Bop radio… but today we took a little detour… mom and dad decided to hit up a little LL Cool J “Rock the Bells XM 43” for a little extra motivation. What should come on but some 50cent “What up Gangster.” (Clean version for the kids of course).

There’s no stopping the immediate head bobbing and lip-syncing that occurs from two middle aged parents in a family SUV when 50cent begins blaring through those stock speakers. There’s just nothing that can stop it.

That is… until… your six year old begins covering his ears and screams, “Turn this off!!!! This is old people music!!!”

And just like that, mom and dad… felt extremely old… and then continued belting out a little 50cent… for the kids of course!!!

Realizing You’re Old

How do you know you’re a new parent? When you fall asleep outside of a TCBY at 4:10 PM.

Get Home… Finally get him to sleep and then… JAX is in a blacked out sleep. Has been for 30 mins. Then just screams bloody murder… like someone was stabbing him… 2 piercingly loud screams and then immediately fell back asleep. Is that normal?

Literally have never felt so helpless in my life. Totally want to hug him and tell him mommy and I are here… But then again I don’t want to wake the dragon.

Love you little man.