Alone Time

Big time stuntin’ tonight. Every new dad’s dream… Home alone… Got the house to myself… So much to do… So many activities… So little time. Yea, in some sort if alternate universe maybe.

Girls think we have this elaborate plan when they go out… Like there is some adventure we’ve been saving for just the right time. “She’s gone and taking the kid with her? Crap call Ian Ziering we’re going shark hunting!”

If you could only see what happens when you girls go out. We pretend were upset. It’s an act. I mean we miss you, and obviously we miss our kid! But this is the one time we are home and can shut off our brains. “Ohhh no she’s gone!?!??? She’s gone, what am I gonna do!??? What am I gonna do”.

I’ll tell you what I’m going to do… Nothing! No talking, no questions… Just quiet. No fun stuff happens when you’re gone.

That’s the difference between girls and guys. Guys want nothing to do with planning events or thinking of things to do. That’s why when you go out we can relax. Girls just think differently. They plan things out. They have multi-step directions and procedures to enjoy their girl time or alone time. We don’t want to do anything or talk to anyone we are just jerks.

Girls: “Hey guess what… Tomorrow is Sarah’s birthday and the guys are out of town… We should totally surprise her with cupcakes and dinner and then take her out to the club.”

Guys: “It was Derek’s birthday yesterday… We punched him in the nuts and set his car on fire. He was so surprised.”

No plans, no thinking things through. Just act. That’s what tonight was. Nothing huge… Nothing exciting… just a simple, quiet and relaxing evening.

5.25.14 – Night Out


Got a nice little Friday night planned. How things have changed in a month. Not gonna lie though… I’m an old soul. I’ve always loathed the bar scene, I mean, I do enjoy being the overdressed guy in a bar full of idiots wearing football jerseys. But… In all reality, I couldn’t be happier. Love spending time with this little dude.

As an aside let me be the fist to point out there is an ongoing issue that is taking place in our society, and it needs to be stopped immediately. Stop wearing jerseys out as like an actual article of clothing. It should not be part of anyone’s regular daily wardrobe. It’s pathetic. There are only 3 acceptable reasons to wear a jersey.
1) it’s your jersey and you’re getting paid to wear it.
2) you’re a fan watching the game live at the stadium, or in the confines of your own domain.
3) you’re a girl. (Not gonna lie, Stef looks pretty cute in her fitted GB Packers jersey).