5.25.14 – Night Out


Got a nice little Friday night planned. How things have changed in a month. Not gonna lie though… I’m an old soul. I’ve always loathed the bar scene, I mean, I do enjoy being the overdressed guy in a bar full of idiots wearing football jerseys. But… In all reality, I couldn’t be happier. Love spending time with this little dude.

As an aside let me be the fist to point out there is an ongoing issue that is taking place in our society, and it needs to be stopped immediately. Stop wearing jerseys out as like an actual article of clothing. It should not be part of anyone’s regular daily wardrobe. It’s pathetic. There are only 3 acceptable reasons to wear a jersey.
1) it’s your jersey and you’re getting paid to wear it.
2) you’re a fan watching the game live at the stadium, or in the confines of your own domain.
3) you’re a girl. (Not gonna lie, Stef looks pretty cute in her fitted GB Packers jersey).

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