Dairy Free No More?

Gigantic day in the realm of Jax today.   After 10 months of no dairy, we “reintroduced” this devil food to him again this AM.  

If you’ve been following the blog from the beginning, then you surely remember the nightmare that ensued the first month when mom had anything dairy related.  Sleepless nights, poop everywhere, crying and screaming… And that was just me.  Jax was a mess too!!

So this morning the little man had some yogurt.  Don’t get me wrong we didn’t pour a gallon of whole milk down his throat, but still we had our doubts.  

Fast forward 12 hours and we are still A-OK.  Keep your fingers crossed. 


Sunday Morning Shows (Review)

Sunday morning is for the Green Bay Packers, football, fantasy football and the RedZone channel.  However, when you get up at 6:30 you have to wait a few hours before you can watch anything NFL related.

So today we gave two shows a shot:  Harry Bunny and VocabuLarry.

Here are my reviews:

Harry Bunny:  Harry is a weird little rabbit who refers to himself in the third person.  The dude is a total creep.  He looks like a ’70s style Muppet that tried to hard to be cool.  I bet he was shunned by the other bunnies in his group because he thought he was cooler than he really was.  He is that kid that you knew in high school that tried way to hard to be funny.  He always took the joke too far.

The biggest problem with this show is the fact that I am unsure of what its purpose is.  What are viewers supposed to get out of it?  Today he took out a carton of milk and had a glass of milk next to it.  Mind you the carton saidMILK in giant letters.  Harry spent 15 minutes trying to determine what the white liquid was in the glass… really?  Earth to Harry, it’s MILK… my six month old son knows what milk is… it was the first thing on earth he could identify.

The Grades:
Main Character:  Grade: D- A scary looking, gigantic rabbit that talks in the third person.  If that was not bad enough his voice is a mix of a twelve year old boy going through puberty and that Rebecca Black YouTube chick that “sang” Friday.
  Grade: D (Teach my kid some colors or something.  He already knows what milk is, he’s been drinking it since he was an hour old.)
 Grade: D (No friends, refers to himself by name, voice that could shatter glass… He’s lucky he got a D.)

VocabuLarry: Larry is a cute and curious parrot with an appetite for learning new words. Every environment into which he flies features one recurring item, e.g. a piece of furniture, article of clothing, a toy, etc. With the help of a narrator, Larry learns the name of the object of the day, and staying true to his parrot nature, he repeats the name over and over again, using humorous animated gestures along the way.



How can you not love this little guy?

The Grades:
Main Character: Grade A- (The only reason he gets the minus here is because he is missing a pirate friend, no parrot is complete with out a pirate to talk to.  )

Learning:  Grade: B+  (Larry teaches vocabulary words through humor.  His grades get a bump because he teachers the words in a multitude of learning styles, the words are written, spoken and have pictorial representations as well.  He also teaches the plural form of the words too… BONUS!)

Intangibles: Grade: A+ (VocabuLarry’s theme song is Grammy worthy… very catchy

Overall: A

5.16.14 – Lovin’ That Baba

I can not believe how much this kid loves to eat. I guess this is that “cluster feeding” thing bc all he does is destroy bottles and boobs. I could win the lottery while an army of Victoria secret models show up at my doorstep with the sole mission of perfecting the art of massage and I wouldn’t feel a 1/1000th of the happiness of this kid with his bottle.

Jax knows how to get the most out of the little things in life and I respect the shit out of his game. It’s the definition of pure, unadulterated joy. I wish I can love something as much as this boy loves his milk.