Monsters vs Best Friends

Setting: Jax’ room; 8:00pm

Jax: “Dad a monster might come in the room and eat you up.”

Me: “There aren’t any monsters in here bud.”

Jax: “Yes there are, they like to eat daddys and cell phones.”

Me: “I promise there aren’t any monsters in here bud.”

Jax: “It’s ok dad, Buster is in here. He eats monsters. He jumps off the bed and chases them out and then eats them up. He’s my best friend.”

Another (New) Best Friend

I feel like at this point Buster is the grisly veteran of the team… he’s been around forever you almost forget how long it’s been. He’s was the only child for a while and now has sat patiently through three new roommates… Max… Jackson… and now Oliver. 

The thing is he’s still going strong. Sure he’s on human adult doses of numerous medications… but he’s still the same spunky, eat everything he can get his face in, including dirty diapers.  But best of all, he’s found another best friend to watch over!