The Last of the Great Generation

Today we lost one of the world’s greatest women. Josephine Pinto passed peacefully in her sleep. She was until her last day, a loving mother, grandmother and great-grandmother (and eggplant parmigiana maker extraordinaire).

When a grandparent dies, you lose your connection with the past and the wisdom of a generation. You lose the ability to retreat to the safety of your grandparent’s home (even if that home still has lime green shag carpet). Your safe haven is gone forever.

Grammy was our last connection to The Greatest Generation. She lived through and experienced the hardships of the Great Depression and lived through World War II.

She knew what it was like to hear the news oF Pearl Harbor, millions of people enlisted to defend and fight for their country including her future husband. In the absence of Poppy so many like Grammy rose to the occasion to support her country and her family.

Back in her day, there was an expected norm of dignity and modesty. Society held itself to a higher standard, and humility was at the heart of that. Our overall behavior norm today could benefit greatly by taking a cue from those before us and humbling our ourselves accordingly. I know that the time I spent with her were filled with incredible respect. Grammy was a rightly dignified and well respected woman.

She was part of raising an amazing woman who I am proud to call my wife. She was the last of an amazing group of grandparents that Stephanie and I were so, so, so lucky to have as not just family members, but as mentors. They will leave much more than memories. They leave us with values, ethics and love.

With that being said…

Gram, thanks for welcoming me into your family so many years ago. I’ll always treasure our relationship. Your legacy will live on in Stephanie’s keen sense of the stock market and knowledge of which side the salad fork is placed at a formal dinner settting, in your great grandchildren’s smiles and in my ballroom dancing skills that you so patiently taught me. We will all miss you.

You’re one of a kind.

Love always,



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