Social Distancing Birthday

Planning for children’s birthday parties in and of themselves are always painful, but try having one when dealing with a pandemic. People running all over the place, kids snots flying all over the place, Hans sanitizer flowing like a waterfall But, try actually having your child’s birthday during a pandemic.

Whether it’s your child’s birthday or someone else’s, there are plenty of ways to celebrate from home, of course some of these “virtual birthday” parties are getting out of controls, but luckily Jax has no expectations except to be with his family (which is what makes him so special). We might not be able to say “Happy Birthday” in person, but lockdown didn’t need to ruin Jax’ birthday plans completely.

We live in a town where I used to work. I have become friendly with the police and fire crews who serve our school system and became colleagues of mine. The amazing first responders came through with lights and sirens which absolutely blew Jackson’s mind! He was more excited then I’ve seen him in a long time and it was priceless. Nothing, no party, or venue could have make him smile the way those truck made him smile…

…that was until his classmates, Mima and his Cousin Dominic all drove by with sign on their car and horns blasting. Jackson was again The Mayor. He was conducting business meeting with parents, he was waving to his fans… all in all, it was a wonderful day!!!

Honestly, I think we are going to need to through him a “quarantined birthday” every year!

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