So many people today are trying to tell us that you don’t need to vaccinate your kids… that diseases of the olden days are things of the past.  Well guess what… that’s not true at all. You know how I know… because my kid has leprosy.  Oliver literally has to be quarantined ET style.  

Apparently Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease is a real 21st century thing.  It’s like actually something people get and apparently it’s not actually a disease, but a virus… and the name?  Come on… there has got to be something better to call it than Hand, Foot and Mouth?!!?   Right?!??

Listen, it’s not the dark ages… this isn’t Westeros… we have cures for things… we can send people to the moon, we can predict the weather years in advance, we have computers who are smarter than any human alive… yet my eight month old needs be locked up and quarantined like he’s a lepor… I’m just over here shaking my head.

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