Mobile Infant 2.0

​So long ago (like three years) we were so excited to have a little crawler. I still remember the cheers and clapping like it was yesterday. But that excitement ended quickly.  We were so concerned about the table corners and fireplace hearthstone. We bubble wrapped and rubber corner guarded literally the entire house.  

And now… (Three years later) I’m watching my second son crawl around on the hardwood floor and chew on toys from who knows where. As I’m writing this something hard just bounced off the floor. I’ve narrowed the options down to the back of Oliver’s head, or… well, the front of Oliver’s head.  Then again I don’t hear any crying. No harm, no foul. 

There’s no bubble wrap, there are no corner protectors. There is a tiny carpet and to be honest. Most of the time he crawls out of sight… (out of sight- out of mind I guess).  That’s what is going to make this kid a beast.  He’s not overprotected. He probably won’t own a helmet for his bike. As a matter of fact he probably can just start putting himself to bed when he wants. 

All joking aside… I’m so proud that this little chubbers is mobile. He’s growing up so damn fast.  It’s kind of scary… even if hearing his head bounce off the floor isn’t. 😳

This is before Jax decided he wanted to measure how far Ollie could crawl and immediately before smacking himself and Oliver in the face w the tape measure.  

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