Six Months

Six months of magic, madness, misery, and more mesmerizing, memorable moments than I thought possible. Oliver was born six months ago today… mind he’s six months old now, but was six weeks early then.  

He’s provided us with more drool, poopie diapers and scream-filled nights than any mom and dad ever thought possible… (Well, at least since Jackson was six months old).  

  • Weight: HUGE- 17.5lbs
  • Length: Long enough to touch the floor in his bouncer toy- 27″
  • First Eats: Crusty bread, baby food and water
  • Loves playing with his toes
  • Smiles ALL THE TIME
  • LOVES LOVES LOVES his brother (stops crying and looks to find Jackson when he hears his voice)
  • Started sleeping in his crib
  • Enjoys bed time stories read to him by his brother
  • First time in a pool (in FL)
  • First time on a plane ✈️ 
  • First time being give a WWE wrestling finishing move (Jackson gave him the Hulk Hogan Leg Drop)

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