Oliver Peter: Born 1.31.17

img_1179The first baby brings excitement, happiness and love. It’s impossible to describe the amount of life a newborn pumps into you. Nothing can prepare you, no matter how much you wish you had more time, you never have more time. Time ticks forward no matter how much you wish for it to slow down.

But no matter what has happened to me in life, especially as a parent… I’ve leaned to expect the unexpected. And having a baby come five weeks early definitely qualifies and the unexpected. And nothing says parenting like a surprise birth at two in the morning.

One second you’re having a beer and checking your email and the next you’re sitting in one of those UV lit rooms that TV hospital dramas make their weekly setting. You can’t remember how the hell you got to this point… what about the plan? This wasn’t part of the plan. Then again… when has anything gone according to plan. Minutes become hours and hours become days.

Worry turns to more nervousness, Which turns to fear… the thing is you’re worrying about a kid who technically isn’t here yet. Let’s face it… this kid in no way is a representation of anyone in this family. Five weeks early? I can’t even be 30 minutes late for something, let alone on time. First Jackson was two weeks ahead of schedule and now this little guy?!! Maybe these two will make it to their own future engagements in time… although I highly doubt it.

Anyway… tachycardia, low blood pressure, infection and an emergency C-Section brought this little guy into the world at 6:01am at 6lbs 11oz and 18.5in long. No words can express the feeling the first time you hear your kid start to cry… because until then it’s not totally real, or at least you’re new life hasn’t totally started yet. But for the second time that cry came… a new life started… and ready or not world… he’s here!!! (And so is the Sorry Sons: Chronicles of a New Dad… AGAIN).

Oliver Peter (born January 31st, 2017)

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