Homemade Christmas Presents

So it’s about that time where we start getting homemade Christmas presents from Jackson. He’s hit that age where he makes ornaments googlie-eyed closepins that resembles a reindeer.  Or a pop sickle stick Christmas tree with his school picture in it that 25 years from now we can give him to put on his tree so we can laugh at how cute he was and how messy his finger painting skills were. 

I figured that’s what we’d be getting when his teachers told us that he had made us a gift. Then we opened this:

Homemade ✅

Thoughtful ✅

Cute ✅

The Pose he’s in… 🤔

Why does it look like my son is posing for a centerfold?

Well 25 years from now he’s going to regret this Christmas gift when we break it out at his first Christmas in his new home. 

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