Hide and Seek

Two year old are magical. I’ve realized that Jax is literally the perfect blend of funny and clueless (clueless because he’s two, but clueless in that hilariously cute kind of way). Two year olds get bored of toys faster than I get bored watching the “Blood Borne Pathogens Video” at the beginning of every school year. Even though he was given about 14 million toys not even five weeks ago for him birthday he is completely over them and of course he’s onto to something new

So the now the new thing he is having me chase him around the house and then trying to hide from me. He runs about .5mph, looking back the entire time. He gets about three feet stops and laughs. Then starts running again.  But here’s the thing. He is horrible at hiding. I mean literally he actually just is really, really bad. I’ve looked right at him standing behind a kitchen chair like i can’t see him. Just laughing out loud thinking he’s a freaking genius.  

I mean if anyone ever broke into our house we are screwed. Have you ever seen Signs with Mel Gibson? You know where the Aliens break into the house and the family is hiding in the basement? I imagine we’d last about 12 seconds because Giggles McGee would be laughing up a storm. “Hey guys. Don’t look downstairs. We’re not down here hiding… hahahahahahahaha!”

I need to teach this kid some new tricks… Or at least how to keep quiet during hide and seek!  

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