It’s All About that Bass

There something about the beat… The treble the bass… It’s all about that bass.  Something about the rhythm of the music gets this kid going.  As soon as the beat drops this kid turns into Rico Suave.  

Circle of Friends music class is supposed to be family time, but my son turns it into a speed dating event. He moves slowly in and out of the parents surveying all the lovely ladies who are clapping to some song that I’ll never learn the words to.  He knows what he’s doing. He knows what he’s looking for (he seems to be into blondes lately). 

Just when you think it’s safe to let your daughters out of the house… This guy turns on the charm.  


PS: Anyone who thinks their life is chaotic hasn’t been to a music class during instrument free play time.

#TownCrier #SalvationArmySantaTraining

PPS: Later that night…  

 I guess he works the waiver wire outside of music class too! 

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