Tonka Tough

Remember when things were built to last?  When you could repair appliances instead of having to buy a new one if something when wrong? When toys were made to last longer than two months?  
Years ago when Santa would leave a whole bunch of stuff I really didn’t need under my Christmas tree you could be assured it was quality made, top notch materials.  

Case in point: Tonka trucks. Those things are beasts.  They were made out of good old fashion metal.  Lots of sharp edges, screws and bolts… But those parts held up over time.   

You can still read my name in Sharpie that my mom wrote when I was a kid


How crazy is it that my old-school Tonka truck from like 30+ years ago that my mom found in the attic is still in great condition?!!??? Granted after playing with it a few times, Jax is probably going to need rabies and tetanus shots, but still pretty cool to think he’s playing with the same toy I played with at his age!

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