You’re Sure There Were Ten Fingers When You Left?!??

In not sure I’m improving at this parenting thing. Aren’t you supposed to get better as time goes on? “Practice makes perfect” right?

Well I’m either getting worse or I’m just not trying hard enough, because being home alone w this little walking tornado is completely different when It’s just us.
Basically I just sit quietly and listen for sh*t.  “Ohh no… what’s that? Jackson your not in the toilet again are you?!!??” 

Perfect example: this morning I’m in the bathroom… uhhh…. reading a magazine and I hear silence. Nothing at all… No toys buzzing or singing, no blocks being thrown across the floor. I couldn’t even imagine where he was or what he was doing. Fear spread over me like a dense fog. I walked out to see he had climbed up on the top of couch and was trying to reach the light switch.  (Needless to say he was ok.)
But in all reality… all I need to do when I’m home alone with Kackson is return him to Steph in the same condition as when she left. “So are you sure he definitely had ten fingers when you left??” Everyday is a challenge. 

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