My Little Pachycephalosaurs


Pachycephalosaurs (Greek for “thick-headed lizards”)

It was inevitable. Considering he is basically running around with no regard for life or limb with little to no coordination and an attraction to grabbing and pulling over anything he can get his hands on, you knew something like this was bound to happen. 

The first big one… The first real injury… The first injury that left a clearly visible mark… The first but definitely not the last the way this kid is moving around.  

Got a call from Grammy today that the little guy pulled down a chair on himself.  I think Grammy was more hurt than he was since he just went back to playing after a few seconds of trying to figure out what happened to him. 

They say scars can come in handy one day… Dumbledore’s was a map of the London Underground, Harry Potter’s sensed when Voldemort was near and while Jackson’s injury isn’t quite a scar, it does make him look like a dinosaur… And I can’t see why that wouldn’t come in handy one day!

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