Pure Jealousy 

So this is what the world has become?  Have we permenantly lowered the bar for celebrating our babies in terms of accomplishments?  Every other week I’m on here bragging about how my little man accomplished another amazing feat… Maybe he blinked twice or ate a piece of toast.  I mean is this world we want to raise our kids in?  Where everyone gets a trophy and we’re all are winners!??? Where have I gone wrong?

Jackson stumbling around looking like an old man with a walker and everyone is losing their damn minds over it? I’m to the point where I feel like a baby is the best job on the planet.  Anything they do is billed as the next “moon landing”. Wouldn’t it be nice to get the same treatment as an adult? Wake up and brush your teeth- round of applause… Pour milk in cereal without any spills- freaking standing ovation… Make it to work without a ticket for being on your cell phone (which is actually harder than it seems)- applause, applause, applause.

That’s why being a grown up sucks! You don’t get a trophy every time you fart and cough.  You do what you do because it’s expected.  I’m going on strike until I get an award for everything I do even somewhat successfully.  Don’t bother me until my one year old and I get equal treatment.


Hey Jax, Neil didn’t need a walker to take his first steps.






… I’m so proud of him!!! He’s so close to walking!! 🏃👍

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