Nights Gone Bye

As I sit here writing this I think back to the nights I was getting 15 minutes of consecutive sleep at a time and can not believe how far we’ve come. people would always say, “Ohh don’t worry he’ll sleep more when he’s older…blah, blah blahhhhhhh.”

Now we’re up maybe twice a night (well Steph is) apparently I could sleep through the apocalypse. The point I’m trying to make is how bananas it is that he’s not this tiny little blob anymore. He a little chunk who is growing up. Jax, mom and I need you not grow up so fast because we are really enjoying this baby thing right now.

PS: In response to an earlier point I made, I would like to mention that telling parents of a newborn that their baby will sleep more as they grow up is like telling Landon Donovan the national team played great this year. No one wants to hear it. I can’t get my beauty sleep on future hopes and broken promises. I mean really, thanks for the tip Dr Oz. But right now all I can think about is when I can say I need to go poop so I can sneak in my next 10 minutes of shut eye.

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