1st Swim

Jax first time in the pool #Aquaman #NotHappy


#UncleDupree #BabyWhisperer


Swim Champ and His Camera

So yesterday was a momentous occasion for Jax… It was his first time in the pool. He was not happy. It was a tough occasion for the little guy, but luckily mom and dad were there to capture it step by screaming step! It was a cool family moment for (everyone) mom and dad. So cleary we can cross Olympic swimmer off the list of possible scholarship possibilities.

When did we become the parents who take photos and video record all the “firsts”? It’s not like we sit here and document his every move of every second of every day? (Insert sarcastic laugh here).

Hopefully none of this comes back to haunt him when he’s running for president later in life. I can’t imagine if there were camera phones when I was growing up. There would be so many ridiculous images of me that I’d be so embarrassed of… Flash dance? My toy box/superman jump and resulting scar? The infamous curling iron incident on Bethpage Dr? Jax, I know you’re going to be so pissed when I give your future girlfriend the link to this blog! I know I would

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