Reality TV and a Mirror


So almost 3 months in and we finally set up the baby monitor. This thing has more options than my car. Temperature gauge, rotating camera, you can talk through it, play music, order take out… It’s great!

How in the world did we wait this long to set this thing up? Three months? How could two parents be so stupid? This thing is the SINGLE GREATEST reality television known to man. How baby cams aren’t on Lifetime or the ENetwork is beyond me.

I’m putting in a call to the executives over there this week, because watching Jax attempt to get to sleep is “must see TV” in this house hold.


This picture is my favorite so far! Kid loves looking at himself and you know what, I don’t blame with a face like that he’s gonna be a heartbreaker. #LikeFatherLikeSon #Reflection #TummyTime #HandsomeDevil #LovesThatMirror

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